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Over time

How about we go back in time for a moment together?

Through history, we can contemplate the beauty and richness of the present.

Each place, each street, each building offers us a legacy, moments, memories and secrets to tell

Once upon a time …

Hautvillers and its small Café

Before "talking" to you about us, we must first introduce you to our village  :

If you are "told" Hautvillers, you think of Dom Pérignon, don't you? Champagnes, vines and bubbles?

But do you really know all the history that our village has in store?

Know howThere would be so much to say about our past!

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Let's go … our turn!

This is our website after all!

Let's shed some light on us!

The charming building of the Café d'Hautvillers dates from the 16th - 17th century, this little "granny" in the heart of the village has witnessed many changes.

Village house, nuns, then sold to be a boys' school in the 19th century, it has become for less than fifty years a Café, a bakery, a restaurant, in short: a place where you have a good time!

"The bistro is a place where we talk a lot, where we bond"

Claire CLAISSE - newspaper l'Union 2019

Manager of the Café d'Hautvillers

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