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We are proud to present quality Champagnes on our menu.

This is how we exclusively offer "golden bubbles" drinks from the splendid G. Tribaut Champagne House in our village.


Local beers

Each region has its treasures and its know-how.

To make you discover and share our heritage is also to participate in highlighting all the wonders of our artisans and local products.

We offer snacks throughout the day to accompany your drinks.

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Café et croissants
Café et croissants

Hot / cold drinks

The secret of happiness lies in simple little things:

A hot or cold drink, summer or winter, before, during or even after the meal allows you to enjoy the little pleasures of life! 

For the little ones as for the older ones we offer a wide range of drinks: soda, homemade fruit juice, coffee, chocolate...

Breakfast in the morning possible under reservation


With or without alcohol:

By definition a cocktail is a mixture and it is with a mixture of good humor and color that we prepare your cocktails with heart.

To be enjoyed preferably on the terrace in summer and to music!

Cocktail au citron vert

The truth is a Champagne bubble, it always rises to the surface 

Gilles Martin Chauffier

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